Exhibition, 2018
Lewisham Arthouse, London

Folds is an exhibition co-curated with Megan Garry- Evans, featuring works of 13 international and UK based artists who have responded to the theme “folds.”

Using the notion of folds as a point of departure, this exhibition set out to uncover the aesthetic, conceptual, ethical and sociopolitical implications of thinking through folds. 

The different interpretations of the theme were deployed within the exhibition space, crystallising into an immersive topography. Resonances, echoes and dialogues took place between the various perspectives provided by the artists, and folded within one another the works formed a dynamic ‘texturology.’

Exhibiting artists:

Nikki Alford, Andrea G Artz, Latifah Al-Said, Abbie Cairns, Kirsty Dixon, Luisa Maria Maccormack, Lina Laraki, Wiebke Leister, Freya Nash, Lisa Pettibone, May Rohrer, Ellen Sampson, Emily Scaife.

© Chahine Fellahi