Chahine Fellahi (b. 1994) is a visual artist and filmmaker based between London and Casablanca. Combining analog and digital tools, her practice explores the potential of images to operate as sensual sites of inter-corporeal and intersubjective encounters.


2023 Mapping water, cyanotype workshop at Castlefield gallery, Manchester (UK)
2023 Rewriting History: Arabs in Victorian Britain, Arab British Centre, London (UK)
2023 Time Capsule, a Social Fictions programme with Think Tanger, Tangier (MA)
2023 Slides-making workshop with Leap Then Look, Towner gallery, Eastbourne (UK)
2022 Working with Found Footage, American Cultural Association, Tangier (MA)
2022 Garden Utopias programme, Othman Bnou Affane Centre, Casablanca (MA)
2022 Experimental Animation programme, American Art Center, Casablanca (MA)
2022 A Sea Bestiary, series of workshops, Under the Same Sun Residency, organised by A.MAL collective, Marrakech (MA)
2022 Chemigram workshop, Arab League Park, Casablanca (MA)
2021 Lost and Found, series of workshops, Cinematheque de Tanger, Tangier (MA)
2021 A Collective Archive, series of workshops, Atelier de l’Observatoire, Casablanca (MA)
2021 Dabaphoto 6, Cyanotype workshop, Le 18, Marrakech (MA)
2019 Folds, Video art workshop, Lewisham Arthouse, London (UK)
2019 Resting places, Cyanotype workshop, Rye Lane gallery, London (UK)
2018 Bad Housekeeping, collage workshop, Antiuniversity Now Festival, London (UK)
2018 Rethinking Representation, video art workshop, Barbican Open Fest, London (UK)


2023 Homebound Residency, hosted by Warehouse421, Abu Dhabi (UAE)
2021 Memoire des Plantes et des Insectes, hosted by Atelier de l’Observatoire, Casablanca (MA)
2021 QISAS, hosted by the Cinematheque de Tanger, Casablanca (MA)


2023 CUVO Videoart Festival, Madrid (ES)
2022 Rising Motions, curated by Hannan Jones, Dardishi, Glasgow (UK)
2021 Memoire du Cactus et Mystere des Cochenilles, curated by l’Atelier de l’Observatoire, Fondation Abderrahman Slaoui, Casablanca (MA)
2021 Dabaphoto 6: Je frotte mon langage contre l’autre, curated by Laila Hida and Jeanne Mercier, Le 18, Marrakech (MA)
2021 Visions, Le Studio, curated by Kaleidoskop Fragmente, Vienna (AU)
2020 Kaleidoskop Fragmente Film Festival, Vienna (AU)
2020 In the Name of Love: Self-Identication in MENA Female Cinema, curated by Habibi Collective, Sharjah Art Foundation
2019 Ru’ya, Arab Film Festival, San Francisco (USA)
2016 Otherfield Non-Fiction Film Festival, Lewes (UK)


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